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Winterizing Your Perennial Garden

Do you consider yourself a gardener with a green thumb and a passion for planting a variety of perennials in your garden? If you answered yes to this question, it is imperative you heed the following steps for winterizing your garden to withstand the early frost and frigid winter temperatures. Almost all perennials can survive our harsh Maryland winter so removing them, like other types of flowers, is not necessary. Just clean your garden, spread some mulch, and divide your plants to have your perennial garden last through the winter and blossom into the spring.



Now’s the time to winterize your garden!

Clean up the Garden

Get down and dirty with your garden. The task of winterizing your garden should be completed during early to mid-fall but, if you are a procrastinator by nature, make sure you get rid of all weeds, dead leaves, branches, and other fall foliage prior to the first frost and snowfall of the season. Trimming up perennials, raking excess leaves and dirt and pulling extra weeds protects perennials from damage.



There is no one brand of mulch that works better for winterizing perennials. Mulch provides an extra layer of protection to the winter’s harsh weather. Two to four inches of mulch will help the area around your plants from freezing and creating additional weeds when it is time for the perennials to bloom in early spring. Keep an eye on your mulch in early January or February because it may be necessary to add an additional layer of mulch protection.


Divide and Conquer

Similar to the gardening chore of staking tomatoes, it may be smart for you to plant stakes beside your perennials. When the heavy snows begin to blanket your perennial garden, stakes are an excellent visual tool to see exactly where your perennials are planted so you don’t plant over them with other types of flowers in the spring. Additionally, you should divide your perennial garden to allow your plants to live a long, happy and healthy life. Perennials tend to last longer when they are divided which is the task of taking one plant and making two. While it may be best to divide your perennials in the early fall, try to get this task complete before the first frost.


Winter Preparation with Evergreen Gene’s

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