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Winter Landscaping Tips

Winter in Maryland can be unpredictable: this season, we have had record amounts of snowfall, while last season, we had maybe one snowfall the entire winter. Maintaining your lawn and yard may seem pointless without any flowers to show for it, but winter can actually be a great time to start planning for next spring’s lawn of natural beauty.

Terrace and Conservatory

The winter months are ideal for pruning and trimming perennial plants, shrubs, and hedges. You can also think about pruning trees at this time, as dead limbs can turn into falling hazards during winter storms with high winds and heavy snow. Be careful with frozen limbs – because it can be hard to tell which limbs are frozen and which are not, you can put yourself in danger if not using proper care to clean and trim.

Winter also makes for an ideal time to go through your bulbs to find the ones that are soft and rotten. Weeding out the sicklier ones will help the healthy bulbs thrive and flower in the spring.

Another thing to keep in mind is to regularly remove leaves from your lawn. Leaves and debris that sit on the surface of your lawn prevent sunlight from reaching the glass blades hidden just below. To keep your lawn looking lush and healthy, you want sunlight to be able to reach the full extent of your lawn. Without it, you can find yourself with a spotty looking lawn, with patches of dead or brown grass come spring.

Winterizing your garden may seem silly, but can go a long way to preserving the landscape design you initially plotted when you first put your garden together. Evergreen Gene’s can help you winterize your garden and plot out your Maryland home landscaping to have the lawn you’ve always dreamed of when the sun comes back to play. Give us a call today at 410-766-6877.

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