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What Are Winter Landscaping Tips in Maryland?

With the Maryland winter on its way, it is necessary to prepare for the harsh winds, temperature drops, and the eventual snow. In order to get the ideal landscaping harmony like the one you see in the Christmas dioramas around the tree, you’ll need to embrace the climate change instead of fighting it. Here are a few landscaping tips on how to do so:Terrace and Conservatory

Prepare Your Landscape:

    • When you feel the inevitable trials of winter coming, make sure to prepare your plants by trimming your shrubs, hedges, and trees.  To properly prune your trees, inspect the tree thoroughly and cut back only failing or decayed branches.
    • Mulch your planting bed at a depth of around 1.5 – 2 inches to keep the roots of your plants warm and protected like a bundled toddler. Make sure not to cover the trunk of any shrubs or trees, as the moisture in the mulch can rot your trunks.
    • Remove any dead trees or high branches prior to winter so they don’t turn into hazards objects
    • Mowing the lawn to a short level before the snow comes is important to make sure the long grass doesn’t bend and decay under the snow.

Should I Plant Short Bushes?:

    • If you’re new to the area, the average snowfall in Maryland ranges from less than a foot on the lower eastern shore to near two feet in the Baltimore-Washington area. On the Pennsylvania border in Western Maryland, the snowfall can get between 75 and 100 inches. The winter tip here is to air on the side of caution when planting elevation challenged plants no matter how pretty it may be.

The Survivors:

    • There are many bold plants that you can use to make the winter more aesthetically pleasing. Holly (hedge), Witch Hazel (small tree), Hellbores (flowers), and Heavenly Bamboo (foliage) all survive the winter months provided they live above the snow. Crape Myrtle, Red Twig Dogwood, River Birch, American holly, and the infamous Evergreen are other big champions in the battle against Maryland winters.

Tend to your trees

    • When the snow fall comes, pay attention to which plants are harboring more snow than others. Carefully brush the snow in an upward direction off the limbs and boughs. If there is ice coating your plants, leave them alone. The limbs and boughs are sensitive and trying to break off the ice will only harm them. Instead, wait a few days and let the ice melt off naturally.

Invite Your Feathered friend

    • Utilizing nature’s inhabitants to visit your habitat is a landscaping tip that will provide a very unique and charming scene. In the winter months it is best to focus on attracting birds. Leaving bird food in a strong supportive bird feeder will attract all sorts of Maryland winter birds, from Mourning Dove’s, House Finch’s, to the legendary Baltimore Oriole (just in time for the NFL playoffs).

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