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Winter Landscaping Tips to Keep Your Yard Exciting

winter landscaping holly berries

Bright red holly berries are only one of many floral options to give your yard a pop of color.

Uh oh. Weather experts are predicting a likelihood of our first serious snowfall this weekend. That means a cold, wet blanket will soon be descending on all of the gorgeous landscaping you’ve been working so hard to maintain all year. Well, fear not! Evergreen Gene’s is here to save the day with some winter landscaping tips that will give your yard the little spark of excitement and dash of color it needs to keep your home looking good this winter.

Winter Landscaping with a Splash of Color

Vibrant colors against a clean, white, snowy backdrop can really draw attention to your winter landscaping prowess. This can be accomplished in a couple ways. Believe it or not, there are flowers that grow and thrive in the winter. While it may be too late for this season — you need to plan in advance to let these plants grow into full bloom — these bright spots in your yard will truly pop. On the other hand, since we’re running low on time for planting before snowfall, it’s never too late to add a colorful statement piece to your landscape. Whether this means a bright colored seating arrangement or an array of vibrant potters is up to you!

Winter Landscaping with a Dash of Texture

It’s always a sad time when your beloved trees lose their leaves in the fall, but that doesn’t have to crush your winter landscaping dreams. Focusing on natural textures is a great way to distinguish your winter landscaping from the flat white blanket of snow that will soon be upon us. Evergreens and even some seasonal trees can do just that. Trees with distinctive bark like birch or dogwood trees are great at providing a change in texture, and evergreens will create shelved layers of snow that give great depth and that beautiful wintry feel.

Get Ready for Spring Landscaping Tips

Cleaning up after the fall can be quite the chore, but it’s an important one if you want your yard to look great when spring rolls around. Raking up leaves and other debris before it gets matted down with snow is a crucial step in preventing wintertime damage to your yard. If you can stand the cold, it’s also a good idea to give your shrubs and trees one last haircut before snow hits, preventing them from becoming overgrown during the winter months.

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