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A Winter Landscape (Maintenance)

Winter Landscape MaintenanceUnder the snow and ice sits fresh ground waiting to grow new grass and plants come spring.  Your yard may look like a blanket of white powder now, but soon enough that snow will melt away and bits of green will start poking up from the earth.  You could just let nature work its way through its own path, but your property will look so much better if you take steps now to ensure the best that your garden can provide.

Landscape Maintenance: Methods for a Better Spring

Yards require a lot of work to look their best.  Of course, doing that work will make the colors of spring and summer much more worthwhile.  Start with trimming back larger woody plants.  This gives the land the most light when the sun starts to last longer in the sky, while leaving the larger plants with less damage since most shed their leaves and flowers in the fall.  Careful pruning, making sure to only take off limbs the plant can no longer use, will open up enough light for future ground-based plants to use while maintaining the trees and bushes’ shape and liveliness.  Removing those shed leaves and other fallen objects will also help by giving the upcoming grass more light.  This also helps prevent patchy growth, a real aesthetic-killer.  Make sure you prune and clean flower beds, too.  Flowers are harder to grow than grass, and dedicated beds for their care need to be monitored carefully in order to ensure the best growth results.  Planting the bulbs now will give you the most time with your flowers when they sprout, as well.  Adding mulch to the flower beds is also a key landscaping choice, since it protects the vulnerable roots of your plants while giving them enough room to grow when they start to sprout.  Finally, make sure to provide proper winter care to your hardware.  Remove all liquids and fuels from lines and engines that will go unused in the winter, sharpen all gardening blades, and treat all handles with appropriate rubs in order to prevent deterioration.  Clean your downspouts during a sunny day before the snow comes so that water doesn’t trap itself in the gutters and overflow.

The Importance of Landscape Maintenance

There are a number of reasons for all of this work besides simply having a nice lawn in the spring.  Safety during the winter months is a prime reason, for both home and work locations.  Wet leaves can be nearly as slippery as ice, which can cause serious fall injuries.  Frozen water pipes can rust and split on the inside, leading to large bills later in the year.  Branches pruned from trees can’t fall during ice storms and cause damage to anything below.  Finally, the plants won’t rot under the snow and look unsightly when they surface again.

You can contact Evergreen Gene’s for your professional Maryland landscape maintenance services.  Call 410-766-6877 or visit our website, FacebookTwitterPinterest or Google+ accounts for more information.

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