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Winter is the Ideal Time for Hardscape Projects

Winter Hardscape While you’re all bundled up inside dreaming of warmer weather and barbeques, remember that winter is the ideal time for hardscape projects.  You may not be able to enjoy your hardscape project for a few more months, but as soon as that weather warms up, you will thank yourself for setting it up during the winter.

A Winter Hardscape Project Saves Money

Just like most commodities and goods, a hardscape project is subject to supply and demand. In the spring, everyone wants a nice new deck or patio for the summer. At the start of the summer, you will find individuals who are trying to rush projects.

During the winter months, however, hardscaping services are not in as much of demand. A hardscaping company will make most if its money during the warmer months, so some companies will offer deals when business is less in demand.

The cost of supplies also rises with increased demand in the warmer months, which will obviously raise the overall cost of your project. If you turn your vision into a reality before the spring, the potential savings will show you why winter is the ideal time for hardscape projects.

Winter Hardscape Projects Save on Time

You want a nice new stone walkway for the summer, but guess what? So does everyone else.

A company’s availability will become smaller when business increases, and you may not be able to have a hardscaping project work around your schedule. When you decide to complete hardscape projects in the winter, however, you have more options and are able to work with a hardscape servicer much more closely.

If you have your heart set on working with one particular company, booking them now makes sure you are able to get your first choice. You either did a ton of research or were referred to a hardscape service from a family member or a friend so don’t settle for a backup option.

Cut Down on Stress with Winter Hardscape Projects

Everyone’s social calendar seems to fill up for the summer very fast, which can cause a great deal of stress. If you plan parties, you want to make sure your house looks absolutely perfect. Instead of trying to balance the landscape needs around the house with the installation of a new patio, why not make things simpler?

Have your patio built during the winter, and spend your time hosting great get-togethers, worry free. If someone spills a glass of wine, at least that will be the most stressful thing you have to deal with since your hardscape projects were completed in the winter!

If you’re ready for your own professional hardscape project, the professionals of Evergreen Gene’s are ready to turn your summer dreams into a reality. Call today at 410.766.6877, or contact us through our website.

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