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Why Winter is the Best Time to Build Your New Patio

Winter PatioPatios are for summertime barbeques, happy hour cocktails, and sunbathing in lounge chairs. When you want to show off your backyard landscaping, you entertain your guests on the patio. There’s just one problem: you don’t have a nice one yet! You might say, “Building a patio in the winter is not feasible because of the cold and snow.” We have different news for you – winter is actually one of the best times to have your patio built.

Building a patio in the winter is cost efficient.

Materials for construction are generally cheaper in the winter than in the spring and summer months. This is because the landscaping companies want to sell the year’s remaining inventory, so the price shoots down. Landscaping and construction companies are not as busy in the winter because people are on vacation or cuddled up by the fireplace in their homes, not wanting to be disturbed. Pricing for constructing a patio will be much less than the cost during warm seasons.

Patio construction in the winter is less damaging to grass and plants.

Workers would have to trudge over your manicured lawn in the summer to build a patio. If this is done in the winter, the frost and cold will protect the ground underneath so the grass will look brand-spanking new in the spring. Building a patio is just as easy in the winter as it is in the spring. We may even go as far to say that patios may be better to create in the winter because rainy springtime would make it more difficult for materials to stay in place.

Having a patio will give you “so much room for activities!”

When you are busy in the winter skiing or bundling up the kids (picture Randy from A Christmas Story), our team from Evergreen Gene’s will be working on the patio. This way, you don’t have to worry about freezing while trying to “DIY” your patio. Once construction is complete and the air gets cool instead of frigid, you can use that lovely new fire pit on the patio to toast marshmallows and keep warm while enjoying your new addition. Watching winter turn to spring from the warmth of your outdoor patio is a blissful feeling.

Trust us to create your patio this winter.

Not only will it increase the value of your home, it will add to the aestheticism of your backyard landscaping.  Want to learn more about hardscaping or patio construction? Visit Evergreen Gene’s at our Glen Burnie location on Crain Highway. Can’t make it out but still have a question? Not to worry; call us at 410.766.6877.

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