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Why Fall Gardening is Fantastic!

Why Fall Gardening is Fantastic!

Get into the fall gardening spirit by adding pumpkins to your landscape

Fall gardening is fantastic for many reasons. Don’t give up on your landscape just yet! Fall is an excellent time to plant grass seed and vegetables. You can even get into the autumn spirit by growing pumpkins that you and the kids can carve. If you’re thinking about retiring your gardening tools, think again. There are many shrubs, trees, and perennials that are ideal for growing in this season. Here are a few reasons why fall gardening is worth the time and effort. Do you not have time? Do you not feel like putting in the effort? Contact us!

Ideal Soil Temperatures

Fall is a season that many people enjoy in general. It’s colder but not freezing. This benefit applies to the soil on your landscape as well. Air temperatures may drop, but the soil stays warm from the summer months. These warm temperatures encourage seeds and roots to grow. Roots will continue to grow until the winter, and this gives your landscape an early start on root development before spring comes. Planting should happen six weeks before winter starts to freeze the ground.

Fall Gardening is Less Stifling 

The summer is a beautiful season, but it’s also scorching. You can look forward to planting perennials in the cooler air. Indoor gardening is also another idea if you’d prefer to avoid outside altogether. We have a plethora of indoor plants that you can bring into your home.

Consistent Precipitation 

During the spring, it rains and rains and rains. Spring showers can saturate a landscape. While moisture is necessary for healthy land, too much precipitation is never ideal. During the fall, it rains at a steadier and more consistent pace, which creates the perfect balance for your fall garden. 

Less Pesky Pests and Fewer Worrisome Weeds

Quite frankly, bugs are bothersome to both people and plants. If you care for pests to not eat away at your lawn, you’ll appreciate fall gardening. Also, weeds tend to slow down or disappear altogether during the fall. Weeds are more worrisome in warm weather. 

If you’re not sure of how to cultivate your fall garden, reach out to us today so that we design your fantastic fall garden. Our local garden center has a variety of plants and flowers that are unique from large chain stores. 


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