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Why Birdbaths Are SO Beneficial!!!

Here at our local garden center, we offer many things that are beneficial to gardeners, including birdbaths. Just imagine the sight of colorful birds splashing around in the middle of your garden. The thought is genuinely heartwarming. If you want a cost-effective way of bringing birds to your landscape, then purchasing a birdbath is the way to go. If you’re a gardener that’s on the fence and not sure that your garden needs one, then you should know that birdbaths have more than aesthetic value. Here is a list of the top reasons why birdbaths are so beneficial.

Your Kids Will Benefit From a Birdbath 

In the year 2020, technology rules everything. Children often become obsessed with gadgets such as computers, tablets, and video games. As a result, children often lose their sense of connection to nature. With a birdbath in the middle of your garden, it can teach them a lesson on how to become one with nature. You and your children can bond by setting up the birdbath and maintaining it. Adding a bird feeder into the mix (which we also provide) and setting it up is another activity that you and your little one(s) can enjoy. 


You can make a learning activity out of discovering what types of birds come to clean their feathers. Your children can benefit immensely by learning more about nature, bird habits, how they migrate, and why feather maintenance is necessary.

Birds Help Your Backyard in Many Ways

If you have any pest issues or aeration issues, installing a birdbath is a sound choice. Birds feed on a lot of insects. Therefore, if you have fruits and vegetables in your garden, then you won’t have to worry about pests attacking them. Caterpillars, grasshoppers, and slugs appear in gardens the most, which birds feed on and help give you a pesticide-free landscape

Another benefit of having birds in your backyard is that they help with soil aeration. Soil aeration is necessary if you want crops and flowers to grow. You can rely on the help of birds and squirrels to help you do this. When birds and squirrels dig in the ground, it helps the soil to become less compact. Unless the condition of your soil is in poor shape, you can count on birds to help make your backyard a better place. 


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