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What’s the Difference Between Annuals and Perennials?

You only have to plant a perennial once, and then it will bloom again next year.

If you’re a first-time gardener or a gardener trying to upgrade their landscape, then it may be challenging to know where to start as you decide what plants to choose. Annuals and perennials are popular terms used in gardening but how do landscapers and gardeners define them? An annual plant dies during the winter season while a perennial comes back each year. You only have to plant a perennial once, and then it will bloom again next year. There are also other differences between annuals and perennials. Keep reading to learn the difference.

Annuals Take More Work Than Perennials

Annual plants take more maintenance because they only grow for one season. Perennials mature each year again even when their roots are dormant during colder seasons. You may be thinking that annuals aren’t worth purchasing, but they bloom more flowers, which is visually appealing. They also bloom for a longer duration of time. Annual bloom from Spring until we see frost outside while perennials bloom during one season, either summer, spring, or fall.

Perennials Produce Less Flowers

Annuals have only a short amount of time to beautify your landscape. It takes a lot of seeds for an annual to produce, resulting in lush, plentiful flowers. One interesting fact about perennials is that climate often doesn’t matter because they will grow during whatever season you purchase them. Whether you’re in Michigan or Maryland, perennials take the same length of time to develop.

Annuals Have More Pressure to Produce and Perform

Annuals take up a lot of energy trying to produce so many flowers. However, the function of a perennial is to build strong roots versus showcasing a lot of flowers. Also, there’s less pressure because perennials don’t involve you replanting them after the initial purchase, which is more convenient for the gardener.

How Do You Decide Which One To Choose?

Picking perennials make sense if you want a permeable plant that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. If you accept your landscape staying the same year after year, then this is an ideal choice. If you want your scenery to be bright and vibrant, then go for annuals. Annuals help to change the color palette of your yard because they tend to be showy flowers.


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