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What Your Favorite Flowers Say About You

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Colorful flowers are often people’s favorite part of a garden

Flowers have meaning and significance, and everyone has their favorite. Sunday was Mother’s Day, and so that we hope that you found a way to send your mom some flowers and show her how much you love her. If you are a mom, we hope that someway, shape, or form your loved ones were able to flood you with warm and meaningful sentiments and, of course, gorgeous flowers. Here is what your favorite flower says about you. 


Roses are a staple on many holidays, and rose bushes are beautiful to behold. Roses have a lot of meaning behind them in general, but the particular color that you like says a lot too. Red roses are typically synonymous with love and desire. Pink roses tend to symbolize gentleness and happiness. White roses usually reflect innocence. Yellow roses are often a symbol of new beginnings and joy. Do you love roses? What this means is that you may have a big heart, and you like the idea of things that are classic, timeless, and never fade or go out of style. 


Tulips, in general, are thought to symbolize true love or even fame. Purple, in general, is considered to be a royal color, so it makes sense that purple roses symbolize royalty. White tulips, like white roses, are synonymous with innocence and purity, and sometimes forgiveness or worthiness. If you love tulips, then you could be a thoughtful and confident person. 


This flower is one that faces the sun, making it a sign of adoration as well as dedicated love. If your favorite flower is a sunflower, then we can bet that you love making new friends and being around others. It’s safe to say that you may even love being the center of attention. 


Orchids symbolize quite a lot, such as grace, luxury, refinement, and exotic beauty. If you love orchids, then there is a chance that you are both sophisticated and mysterious. Orchid enthusiasts don’t necessarily like being the center of attention, but people may be drawn to you nonetheless. 


Daises represent hope, purity, and innocence. Gerbera daisies can come in bright colors, which symbolize jovialness or cheerfulness. Daisy lovers tend to be optimistic, morning people that can make most people smile.

Did you find any of this to be true? Let us know! Did you not see your favorite flower here? Let us know so that we can write about it! 


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