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What Vegetables Grow Well in Baltimore?

When it comes to planning and planting your Baltimore vegetable garden, there are plenty of things to consider.

When it comes to planning and planting your Baltimore vegetable garden, there are plenty of things to consider. Between the Baltimore climate and the health of your soil, there are many factors that can affect the success of vegetables planted in your garden. Whether you’re looking to grow tomatoes, lettuce, beets, or more, we have you covered with expert landscaping and gardening tips for your Baltimore home.


Beans are a super popular choice for vegetables in the Baltimore area. On top of being a great, nutritious vegetable to grow in a garden, beans actually deposit nitrogen into the soil. This means that growing beans can actually benefit your soil health, helping to prevent erosion and boost the health of the other plants in your garden. They will mature in 60 days and can be replanted a few weeks later. Beans are very tolerant of Baltimore’s climate and are sure to thrive in a Maryland vegetable garden.


Lettuce and spinach are some other great choices for the Maryland climate. While they shouldn’t be planted during the hottest weeks of summer, these plants are very cold-tolerant and can be effectively grown in a window box as well as a garden row. This makes lettuce an excellent, versatile choice for a Baltimore vegetable garden.


Beets are surprisingly easy to grow and extremely nutritious. They’re a great source of vitamin A and can be enjoyed raw, grilled, sauteed, baked, pickled, and more! These plants are very tolerant of hot weather and will do very well in Baltimore.


Peppers can be some of the best plants to grow in a summer vegetable garden. They’re so easy to grow and will provide you with tons of vegetables to last all summer long. They will require 18 to 24 inches per plant, but are very quick to grow in the Baltimore climate!


Tomatoes are the ultimate summer vegetable garden delicacy. At the peak of the tomato season, you may find yourself enjoying them for every meal. Tomato toast for breakfast, grilled Caprese for lunch, and stuffed tomatoes on the grill for dinner–there’s really no truer taste of summer. These plants are extremely adaptable to garden soil and are sure to thrive in any summertime garden. Thanks to their versatility and bountiful yield, tomatoes are a must-have in your Baltimore vegetable garden this year.


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