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What to Do with Mulched Leaves

mulched leaves

Mulched leaves have plenty to offer your yard.

While it can be hard to say goodbye to your lush and green garden as the fall moves toward the cold grey winter, there are actually a number of benefits autumn offers your landscape. Autumn brings falling leaves, which can actually do wonders for your future garden. Leaves are full of life-giving trace minerals which come from deep within the soil. Mulched leaves also feed beneficial microbes and earthworms and are a great source of carbon. Here are some ways you can use shredded mulched leaves to keep your garden happy and healthy.  

Use Shredded Mulched Leaves To Insulate Vulnerable Plants

A six inch blanket of leaves around vulnerable plants can help to protect them from frigid winter temperatures and winds. If you cover cold hardy vegetables, such as kale, carrots, leeks, and beets, you will be able to harvest them all winter long.  

Shredded Mulched Leaves Will Give Your Compost Pile A Boost

Fallen leaves are rich in carbon, which can give your compost pile much-needed balance. Most commonly composted ingredients, such as fresh grass clippings, are high in nitrogen. This will help keep your plants healthy and happy.  

Take Steps To Improve Your Soil

One trick is to mix shredded leaves directly into your garden’s soil. Next spring, you will see a definite difference in the health of your garden. You will find the soil to be teeming with earthworms and beneficial organisms as the weather warms.

How To Make Leaf Mold

Rake all of the fallen leaves into a big pile. Shredding them will make the leaves decompose faster, but it is not necessary. Over a one to three year period, fungus will have broken the leaves down to a special kind of compost that smells delightfully like the deep woods. Leaf mold is high in both calcium and magnesium. It also retains three to five times its weight in water. This makes for an incredibly healthy garden that will flourish for years.

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