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What Retaining Walls Do for Your Property

Retaining Walls Evergreen Gene's, Inc.

Discover the benefits of investing in retaining walls.

Retaining walls is one of a few of our hardscaping specialties. Adding retaining walls to your property has so many benefits. When you mix landscape and hardscape features, it creates a harmonious and balanced outdoor living space. Not only does adding hardscapes to your property have aesthetic appeal, but it enhances the functionality of your outdoor living space as well. Allow us to elaborate more on what retaining walls does for your property. 

Retaining Walls Create a Clean Looking Lawn

By clean, we mean that a retaining wall can give a lawn a more clean or uniformed look. This hardscape feature prevents slopes from having a mind of their own and going in various directions. This enhancement levels out your yard, making for a lovelier appearance that you, your family, and the entire neighborhood will enjoy seeing. 

Your Home Will Be More Marketable 

Even the best homes have prospective home buyers considering what they can change. When your home’s interior and exterior both look stunning, you make the job of a future homebuyer less challenging. Curb appeal means a lot. Often, if a home’s exterior isn’t up to par, it will make homebuyers not want to see the rest of the house. Who doesn’t want to spend time and relax in a lovely, well-designed yard? When you own a beautiful home (on the inside and outside), people can envision their future there. 

Less Work Mowing the Lawn

We’re sure that you’ll appreciate this benefit, especially if you have a large lawn. When you mow a property that’s on a slope, it takes more work. Retaining walls save the day because you have less lawn to mow. Also, you can look forward to mowing flatter surfaces. 

Extra Weather-Proofing 

Too much water on a landscape can cause soil erosion. Retaining walls help to flatten or level out landscapes. As a result, water moves much slower if it rains or storms. Another thing to think about is the foundation of your home. Flooding or pooling can not only rip out trees, but flooding impacts your home’s foundation. Retaining walls help allow water to distribute in a way that keeps trees, shrubs, and grass healthy while keeping your property safe. 

If you’re interested in adding a retaining wall or other hardscape features to your outdoor living space, reach out to Evergreen Gene’s today. 


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