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Waterfront Landscaping for Pasadena

Waterfront-LandscapingYou love your waterfront view, but something about your yard just isn’t coming together. Traditional landscaping ideas don’t necessarily translate well onto a yard that overlooks the water. Thankfully, there are some things you can consider when working on a waterfront yard that will give you the full beach experience.

Nautical hardscape

Before you start thinking of softscaping ideas you should begin with a plan for the structure of your project. Choosing the right stones and structures can really make or break your project right out of the gate, so make sure to plan with your landscaper. Start with nautical colors that take you right to the beach, such as blue, red, or sand. Imagine how you can incorporate sand itself into your landscaping project, then line the areas of sand with small stones to keep it contained. If you are not on the water, but still looking for a waterfront feeling you can always install a fountain or small pond.

Consider the green

Traditional turf may not suit your beautiful waterfront home. It may be prudent to consider taller grass that serves a more ornamental purpose. Dune grass, a classic beach grass, can be used to create a perimeter around your yard. Remember that many nautical designs have a very “washed-out” look. Dune grass has this look naturally and will add a lot to your yard. In the event you are on the waterfront proper, you may want to invest in protective shrubs such as firethorn or elderberry. Without proper protection from a hedge your yard or garden might suffer from wind or sea spray damage.

Plants that will flourish

If you’re considering a garden on the water then you are courageous. Due to wind, sandy soil, and sea spray, planting a garden on the water can be a real challenge. If you do have sand in your soil you may want to consider placing some ground covers around your garden. If there are any native plants that strike your eye then you should use those, but if not, English Ivy or juniper may do the trick. For plants you love, but don’t think will survive in the ground, use planters. You can always decorate them to match your nautical design.

Give yourself the yard of your dreams

If you live on the water you truly owe it to yourself to invest in a yard or garden that is going to complete your living experience.

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