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Trees Benefit Your Landscape: Here’s How

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The power of trees merely isn’t talked about enough

The power of trees merely isn’t talked about enough. When you think of a landscape, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe you think of green, lush grass, colorful flowers, or neatly-pruned shrubs. But what about evergreens? Trees are low-maintenance, excellent for the environment, and can make your outdoor living space more comfortable than ever before. They are genuinely a benefit to any landscape, and we’ll go into more detail about why. 

The Environmental Benefits of Trees

Evergreens help reduce air pollution and noise pollution, absorb rainfall, and lessen the impact of flood and storm water. On top of all this, they provide a home and shelter for birds as well as other wildlife. Trees also help make an environment much more comfortable by providing shade and lowering its temperature. Because they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, it results in a cooling effect. We’ve discussed the importance of shade trees in the past. You can place outdoor seating under them and catch a bit of a break from the sun. During colder months, evergreens also serve as a “windbreaker.” and lessen the impact of any harsh winds that make their way on your property. 

Another benefit of the evergreen tree is that it improves air quality by absorbing harmful gases and toxins and releasing oxygen into the environment. When too much carbon dioxide is in an atmosphere, it has a negative effect. In a worst-case scenario, it could cause breathing problems. For this reason alone, a tree or two or three on your property would be beneficial to help filter the air. 

The Economic Benefits of Trees

When you hire us to plant an evergreen strategically, it can reduce your energy bill significantly. Yes, even one tree can result in energy savings. Trees provide shade in the spring and summer and offer warmth and wind reduction in the winter. With that in mind, it means that your HVAC systems will have to work less hard. You can look forward to conserving less energy. 

The Mental Health Benefits of Trees

Have you been going stir-crazy working from home? Are you an essential worker that is going through a lot of stress? Trees reduce stress levels. Spending time in nature helps you relax. Even merely looking at a tree for a few minutes each day can help you focus and bring you to a calm place. If you ever need to de-stress, try spending time in your backyard—mental health matters. 

Stay home and let us deliver the things that you need to beautify your landscape, or hire us to do it. 


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