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Tips for Winter Hardscaping Care

winter hardscaping care

Shoveling thoroughly is just one of many ways to care for your hardscaping this winter

After an unusually warm December, the weather outside has officially become frightful. While the fires inside are indeed delightful, your outdoor fire pit and other hardscaping features are left out to brave the elements. Hardscaping care is generally limited to clearing debris and giving it the occasional cleaning, but when winter rolls around, there’s a lot more to keep in mind. Here are some things to take action on and be aware of as the snow falls on your hardscaping.

Snow and Ice Damage

Often overlooked, snow and ice hold the potential to be quite destructive to hardscaping features. Landscaping experts often warn of the dangers of the freeze/thaw cycle. During the daytime, when temperatures rise, accumulated snow or ice will melt. Then at night, temperatures drop, and the water re-freezes. You might remember from chemistry class that water expands when it freezes. So when that melted water seeps into pores and cracks in your hardscaping and then freezes and expands, it’s likely to create cracks or worsen existing ones. It’s important to shovel thoroughly to avoid these freeze/thaw problems.

Chemical Damage

You’ll notice that we said to shovel thoroughly, not just remove ice thoroughly. De-icing salts and chemicals are certainly convenient and effective, but at what cost? Many salts and chemicals used to remove ice are actually quite corrosive to hardscaping materials like concrete and natural stone. Not to mention that, in addition to this, the melted results are full of chemicals that are harmful to the environment and potentially other features of your landscaping. We recommend consulting with the manufacturer or a landscaping expert before using de-icing agents.

Treat Your Hardscaping Gently

Along with each of the above, it’s important to give your hardscaping some wintertime lovin’ to make sure it stays in optimal shape. Fill in any cracks before the snow hits to prevent freeze/thaw damage. Shovel thoroughly but carefully, avoiding nicking raised edges with the sharp tip of a metal shovel. Give it a seal coat if you haven’t in a while. Treat your landscaping features well and they’ll treat you well in return.

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