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Tips for Landscape Design

landscape design

Planning your focal points gives your landscape more visual appeal.

When it comes to landscape design, you want a yard that’s as beautiful, functional, and green as possible. With so many possible options out there and choices to make, it can be hard to know what beginning steps to take. As you get started planning the space of your dreams, keep these helpful landscape design tips in mind.

Equipment Access Is Key

Make sure your landscape is accessible to the equipment which will be needed to maintain and repair it. Whether this includes stump grinders and mowers or you are anticipating on constructing a deck or patio in the future. Plant strategically so nothing will have to be torn out when building upon your landscape design in the near or far future.

Stick To Focal Points

It’s key to landscape design that clear focal points exist to anchor all of that visual interest and make your property feel cohesive. Focal points visually direct the eye and stand out without sticking out in a way that clashes. This can be a hard balance to strike. The size of your focal points should roughly correspond to the overall size of your property.

Formal Landscapes Are High Maintenance

Be realistic about how much time, energy, and resources you want to invest in your landscape design. If you are looking for something relatively low key, the formal and intricate sweep of complex and often symmetrical design can be expensive and difficult to maintain. Not everyone wants to deal with that.

Dangerous Curves

While curves add interest and visual texture to landscape design, overdoing it can make your yard look a mess. Don’t overdo it. A curving path can be charming, but one that curves wildly and beyond the scope of your landscaping or garden itself will most likely be too much. Long and subtle curves are often the best.


In 1954, Evergreen Gene’s opened its doors in Glen Burnie, MD. The store functioned as a garden center that offered landscaping, lawn maintenance, and hardscaping services. When you walk into our store, the selection of trees, flowers, and other shrubbery will amaze you. Our inventory has anything that a horticulturist like yourself could possibly want.

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