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Tips for Starting a Pollinator Garden

Have you considered a pollinator garden?

As you’re planning your summer garden, you’ll likely be wondering what types of plants you should choose. Have you considered a pollinator garden? Pollinators include a wide range of insects and even small birds and animals that collect pollen, on purpose or by accident and help plants reproduce by spreading that pollen from one plant to another. Pollination is essential for many plants to create fruits; the process is necessary for almost all food production. One in every three bites of food you take was made possible by a pollinator, which is why gardening with them in mind is so critical. With that in mind, this week we’re sharing tips on how to make a successful pollinator garden.

Stay Native

The first step to a great garden is to ensure you’re sticking with a significant amount of native plants. In the Maryland and DMV area, there is a vast range of native plants that offer beautiful flowers and bold colors. Native plants are stunning and are critical for pollinator gardens because they provide an advantage when it comes to maintenance. They are best suited for the climate, soil, and event the pests we have here and will be naturally resilient.

Ditch the Chemicals

When working on a pollinator garden one of the most important things to consider is that any chemicals you use on your plants will end up getting to those insects and creatures you’re trying to help. Spraying is not the only thing that affects this. Neonicotinoids treat some plants early on in the growing process. This harmful chemical is believed to affect the receptors in the brains of many pollinators like bees and is one of the leading suspects for colony collapse.

Add Variety

When it comes to a pollinator garden, adding variety is critical. Having different shapes, colors, textures, and growing cycles is essential for a healthy, happy space. Different types of pollinators are attracted to different colors. Additionally, consider adding plants that bloom in varying periods from early spring into fall to help ensure there is a continuous cycle of blooms.


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