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The Value Behind Native Planting

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Here at Evergreen Gene’s Landscaping, the selections that we have in our native nursery is sure to benefit any Maryland homeowner. Native plants are excellent because they adapt to the local climate and soil climate conditions of their natural habitat. Native plants provide nectar, pollen, and seeds that are beneficial for native wildlife such as butterflies, insects, birds, and other animals. Horticultural plants, unlike native plants, require more maintenance to thrive, such as using insect pest control. Also, the rewards for the environment aren’t as excellent. That’s why you should make your way to our native nursery and see what we have to offer. Keep reading to more about these benefits in detail.

No Need for Fertilizers

Native planting doesn’t require fertilizers. Otherwise, when you have a garden with exotic flowers and plants, it takes a high level of fossil fuels, fertilizers, and pesticides, along with a lot of water. When utilizing plants that are native to the environment, it means that you’ll have a low-maintenance or low-input landscape.

Native Plants are Excellent for Pollinators

Native planting benefits bees and butterflies. These plants even attract insects that will help your garden instead of destroying it. Why does this happen? Over time, both native plants and insects have evolved at the same time, meaning that many insects can only eat the plants that co-evolved with them.

Native Plants Are Beautiful and Don’t Have to Be Boring

Some homeowners want their landscape to be showier. They can achieve this by using native planting in their gardens. A lot of times, landscape design doesn’t solely boil down to what plants you use, but other features matter as well. How you design the landscape factors into its appearance versus only what you put into it. 

For example, here at Evergreen Gene’s Landscaping, we also install focus on hardscaping. A stone retaining wall can help to define your greenery in a way that can make native plants look structured and stylish. We don’t advise against nonnative plants and flowers, but we have to make it clear that they take a little more work. If you’re unaware of what plants and flowers best fit your landscape, then we can come to you and assess that for you. Or you can come to our native nursery and ask the experts! 


Evergreen Gene’s Landscaping offers professional landscaping and hardscaping maintenance services through the state of Maryland. We are here to make sure your gardens and grounds look as beautiful as possible year-round. Interested in how we can help your garden look its best? Give us a call at (410) 766-6877 or visit us online. To see examples of our work and get more helpful gardening tips, follow us on Facebook,Pinterest, LinkedIn, Houzz, and Twitter.

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