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The Significance of Sunflowers

sunflowers in the summer

Sunflowers are reminiscent of the sun: yellow, bright, and they make people happy.

Sunflowers are reminiscent of the sun: yellow, bright, and they make people happy. Not only are sunflowers aesthetically pleasing, but they are many practical reasons why gardeners love to grow these beautiful blooms. They attract pollinators and even help to detox contaminated soil. You can’t go wrong with this flower. Read on as we discuss more of its significance.

Sunflowers Help to Feed Your Pollinators

Because sunflowers have large, showy petals, they attract many species of bees. The center of the sunflower houses many individual florets that contain both nectar and pollen, which are a food source for bees. If you’re thinking of buying sunflowers as seedlings or young plants in pots, then make sure they are organic. Chemicals such as neonicotinoids can kill pollinators. Organic, non-GMO seeds are a safe choice and an affordable choice. 

Birds are pollinators too that help keeps pests away from your garden. Various birds love to eat insects, and they love seeds and sunflowers as well. There are so many benefits to attracting birds to your garden. Click here to read about the benefits of birdbaths

Sunflowers are Beautifully Cut Flowers

Sunflowers, just like roses, look beautiful as a centerpiece. If you don’t want sunflowers in your garden, then you can put them in a vase and add a warm and sunny ambiance to your home. If you’re going to cut the stems, try to do so early in the morning. You don’t want to compete with bees in search of food. To avoid a sunflower sealing over, make sure to soak the stems in water 10 minutes within cutting them.

Who Doesn’t Enjoy Sunflower Seeds?

The beauty of owning a garden is that you can grow food. Sunflower seeds are a delicious snack and extremely healthy. Sunflower seeds have a good source of Vitamin E in them as well as other nutrients. 

Detoxify Your Soul With This Special Flower

If your landscape has contaminated soil, then sunflowers are indeed one of many solutions. They absorb heavy toxic metal contaminants as well as any poisonous chemicals. Flowers, in general, makes the soil healthier when you properly take care of them. 


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