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The Benefits of Owning a Deciduous Conifer


Trees usually fall into two categories: deciduous or coniferous. But did you know that trees can fall into a third category? Trees can be both deciduous and coniferous.

Trees usually fall into two categories: deciduous or coniferous. Deciduous means that the leaves on a tree shed annually. Coniferous, evergreen trees often have cones, needles, or scales that don’t fall off. A pine tree is the perfect example of a coniferous tree. Not all evergreens are coniferous because there are evergreen trees that are tropical and yet retain their leaves all-year-round. This information may seem to be common knowledge but did you know that trees can fall into a third category?  Trees can be both deciduous and coniferous. These are called deciduous conifers. So, what does this mean exactly? What this means is that there are trees that form cones and sprout needs and yet they still change colors during the colder seasons but lose their needles all at the same time. Deciduous conifers are incredibly rare. Keep reading to not only learn more about their features but discover why you should purchase one.

Deciduous Conifers are Unique

Did you know that they are only about 20 species of this type of tree? Deciduous Conifers are not always easy to obtain but most nurseries, including ours, have them. Certain larches, cypress trees, and redwoods fall into this category.

Deciduous Conifers are Beautiful and Versatile

In the case of the Larch tree, they change colors during the fall season but during the summer ends up resembling a Spruce Tree. It’s almost like having two trees in one! Larch trees have clustered needles that run along their branches and simultaneously have flowers that turn into cones. Not only does this tree turn vibrant colors and last throughout all seasons, but it’s a tree that’s visually aesthetic as well.

In the case of the bald cypress, their needles resemble feathers and turn into a brilliant shade of copper. Dawn redwoods have pillowy needles as well and turn bronze during the fall.

Deciduous Conifers Require Little Maintenance

These trees are typically large but believe it or not; they’re easy to grow. These type of trees also thrive well even during a dry climate. During the colder seasons, deciduous conifers still fully absorb the sun. With any tree, make sure that your soil is healthy.

If you’re interested in seeing a deciduous conifer up close, we have a garden and nursery center. Did you know that buying plants online is also an option if you don’t find what you’re looking for?


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