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The Benefits of A Shade Garden

What some people don’t know is that plants can thrive in the shade as well as in direct sunlight.

It’s no secret that plants need sunshine to grow, but too much of a good thing can be damaging. There needs to be a balance. What some people don’t know is that plants can thrive in the shade as well as in direct sunlight. A shade garden benefits gardeners and their plants in many ways, but there are specific plants that do better in the shade than others. For a guide on how to cultivate your shade garden and learn about the benefits of a shade garden, keep reading!


Some parts of your landscape receive more or less sunshine than other areas. For the shadier areas of your garden, plants made for the shade can grow thee.  What this does is give your garden variety. You’ll have an array of plants that provide your garden with a unique aesthetic. A fern is an example of a plant that doesn’t need direct sunlight. Azaleas, camellias, lilies, and mondo grasses work as well.

Shade Plants Soak Up Water

Shade-tolerant plants retain water well because the sun’s UV rays aren’t depriving them of hydration. The soil of the shadier parts of your garden will be more nutrient-rich as well. Water evaporation won’t be an issue, and you’ll save more money in the long run because using less water, lowers your water bill. Plus, any low-maintenance task makes your life easier.


All you have to do is cover your shade garden with mulch and water it when necessary. Also, keeping your shade plants out of the sun is best for their growth and health. Other than that, maintenance is minimal. You won’t have to stress over your garden.

Weed Reduction

Weeds are an eyesore. Because they are plants as well, they too need direct sunlight to grow. Without direct sunlight, weed growth reduces. This way, you can easily monitor and eliminate the growing weeds.

The Main Takeaway

Shade plants add visual variety to your garden when you combine them with plants that thrive well in direct sunlight. Shade plants are also low-maintenance and can save you money in the long run. While many homeowners don’t think about shade gardens, it is a unique landscaping option.


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