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Taking Spring Cleaning to Your Lawn Maintenance

With the warm weather nearly upon us, it’s now that time of year when homeowners tackle their annual spring cleaning. This year, take that mindset and bring it outdoors and get your lawn and landscape all the more beautiful for you and your family!

A healthy lawn

Spring is an ideal time to plant a new lawn!

Get Your Soil Ready for Seeding

Proper lawn maintenance always requires a few important steps before you can buckle down and start seeding. Before your lawn can look its most verdant and best, be sure you’re using non-compacted soil that is loaded with nutrients. Fertilizing and core-aerating are the best steps before you begin any new seeding, guaranteeing that your lawn will have the best foundation to stay healthy throughout the year. Although your first inclination may be to instantly start adding grass seed to all the areas around your lawn that have thinned out or died off during the winter, keep in mind that different situations call for different measures. Consult a professional if any major damage was done to your lawn, and be sure to ask them about weed and any needed pest treatments before you spray any chemicals you’re unfamiliar with using.

Watering and Proper Maintenance

Once you’ve planted your seeds and the lawn begins to come in, there are crucial measures to take to be sure that your grass comes in as even and healthy as you’ve envisioned. Watering is the key element in giving your seeds the best change of growing happy and healthy, but frequency and timing are everything. Be sure to keep any newly seeded lawns moist by gentle, frequent watered throughout the day, as this is the best approach for germinating.

Always keep the soil moist (be careful not to oversaturate), until the seedlings are about an inch tall. If you keep this routine while the seedlings are still new, the grass should be soon established, giving your lawn its healthy, green look. From that point on, try to water your lawn early in the morning, as the lack of too much wind is great for minimizing evaporation and the possibility of fungus growth. And, despite your inclination to water every day, consider watering the grass irregularly: this mimics natural weather patterns and trains the fresh grass to become stronger and more tolerant against droughts.

Growing Your Lawn with Evergreen Gene’s!

In 1954, Evergreen Gene’s opened its doors in Glen Burnie, MD. The store functioned as a garden center that offered landscaping, lawn maintenance and hardscaping services. When you walk into our store, the selection of trees, flowers and other shrubbery will amaze you. Our inventory has anything that a horticulturist like yourself could possibly want.

Evergreen Gene’s is conveniently located at 401 Crain Highway South, Glen Burnie, and is open during regular business hours. We are always happy to speak with our customers, so do not hesitate to give us a call at 410-766-6877.

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