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Summer Tips for Watering Your Garden

Keeping your plants healthy and well-watered all summer can be a tricky process.

Keeping your plants healthy and well-watered all summer can be a tricky process. Too much water and your plants will turn yellow and be more prone to pests and disease, too little water and you risk splitting vegetables and fruit and wilting. Fortunately, we have a few tips to keep your garden looking great all summer long!

Keep It Consistent

Creating a routine, planned schedule to water your plants and garden is critical for beating the summer drought. A two to three times a week schedule is a great way to stay on top of your plants, but when you can, a timed irrigation system may be best. To ensure that you’re watering deeply enough, you can use a cup or small tray to see how long it takes to fill to an inch of water. Remember, when doing this with a hose or watering can you won’t get an as accurate reading, so it may be better to overestimate slightly. Plants in pots may need to be watered daily during the worst of the summer.

Grow Indicator Plants

Did you know that some plants are great for letting you know when you need to water? Plants with big leaves are great for this because large leaves require a lot of moisture! Cucumbers, squash, and melons are all considered indicator plants because of how quickly their leaves begin to droop. Unlike less hardy plants, they pop right back up when watered, making them a great way to tell when your garden needs watering.

Water Deeper

One of the mistakes that many gardeners make is to water the leaves and not the roots. While wetting the leaves of your plants has benefits – washing pests off, riding your plants of photosynthesis disrupting dirt and dust – it doesn’t help ensure they’re well watered. Instead, water directly to the roots and ensure that you’re watering for long enough. To help your plants retain moisture longer, make sure to add a layer of mulch like grass clippings, straw, or leaf litter, to help protect the ground and keep moisture in.


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