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Summer Landscape Preparation 101

A healthy lawn

Outdoor summer care is about both your garden and the entire, beautiful landscape.

The official start of summer is just about a month away, making this is most exciting and opportune time to start planning your annual landscape lawn care. When the weather starts to really get hot – and it will quicker than you realize – your grass will be thirsty for the proper lawn irrigation. Here are a few handy lawn watering tips to make sure that your landscape is always as lush, green, and beautiful as you envision, ensuring the proper enjoyment for your family and summer guests.

How Little Water is Too Little Water?

Knowing the right amount of water to distribute throughout your landscape is most basic, but truly essential key, in guaranteeing its health and beauty during the hottest time of the year. In general, your lawn requires about 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week, either from irrigation or from natural rainfall. And since you can’t necessary depend upon Mother Nature to provide the exact amount of water needed, you should be armed with both a keen eye and proper lawn irrigation knowledge. One way to monitor your grass’ overall water intake is to probe the soil with a screwdriver. It’s best if water is penetrating at least 6 to 8 inches beneath that top layer. A sprinkler will usually take about half an hour to put down ½ an inch of water, so be sure to place those correctly around the areas of your lawn that tend to get the most direct sunlight – a good measure in practicing proper lawn irrigation strategy.

How Much Water is Too Much Water?

On a directly-related note, too much water can cause just as much damage to your lawn as providing it with too little. When planning your landscape irrigation methods, be sure to select a system that avoids letting even one drop of water go to waste. If you happen to have a smaller lawn, a hose-end sprinkler with a timer should do the trick. In-ground lawn irrigation systems should use low volume, low angle sprinkles that are appropriate for the size of the area you’re watering. Be sure to angle your sprinkler heads as low as possible to avoid evaporation. When actively watering your lawn, be sure that you’re not creating puddling or runoff. Fog or mist above your sprinkler is a solid indicator of wasteful watering.

Preparing for Summer with Evergreen Gene’s

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