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Summer Landscape Care Tips

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Learn how to take care of your landscape during the summer.

We are at the beginning of May which means summer is quickly approaching.  Right now is the perfect time to prepare your landscape for summer so that it can withstand the humid temperature that the season can bring.  Since you will be using your backyard more during the summer, you want to make sure each feature is in good shape.  Luckily, there are few simple landscape tips you can follow this summer.

Focus On Watering

When it comes to caring for your landscape during the summer, you need to focus on watering your grass and plants properly.  Make sure not to overwater your plants and know when to water them. You should be watering your plants in the morning or the evening so that they retain the most moisture.  When watering your grass, you should invest in a drip irrigation system so that your grass gets all of the water and it doesn’t evaporate.

Trim Trees

It is important that you trim your tree branches during the summer especially the ones hanging over your home.  Summer is known for thunderstorms, so you want to avoid a branch flying into your home. The last thing you want to deal with is a costly home repair.  All you have to do is take a pair of tree loppers and cut off branches as needed.

Mow Properly

One of the main components of summer landscape care is mowing, but you need to know how to mow your lawn properly.  Make sure that you are not cutting your grass too short; you should keep your blades as high as possible. Tall blades of grass are the most effective way as maintaining a healthy lawn.  Your lawn will gain the most energy throughout the day and will also preserve moisture in the soil. It can get very hot during the summer, so you want to preserve as much moisture as possible.


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