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Summer Heat and your Plants

Summer-FlowersThis summer has certainly been a hot one, and it doesn’t show any signs of cooling off anytime soon. Throughout the summer months, many of us have taken the time to check on our loved ones during times of high heat. But few of us would have thought to check on our gardens and plants until it is too late. Plants that have been recently planted tend to have a hard time growing properly in high heats, as well as plants and flowers that have been in your garden for the duration of the spring and summer. Heat can also cause damage to the petals, stems, and leaves of your plants as well.

So how can you help your flowers and plants survive the remainder of the hot summer weather?

While you may not be able to change Mother Nature, there are still ways for you to take action with your summer plants:

  1. Provide your plants with water throughout the day, ensuring it reaches deep into the soil
  2. To prevent moisture and create a balance in temperature, use mulch in your garden
  3. If you wish to grow vegetables, try to choose plants that produce bigger leaves to provide shade
  4. Never neglect your lawn, water once in the morning and again later in the day for a longer period of time
  5. Use a mist on your shrubbery throughout the day
  6. Use a slower flow of water when providing trees with water to help roots absorb
  7. Provide newly planted flowers and shrubs with two to four inches of water during a drought

Evergreen Gene’s is your one stop shop in helping your plants and gardens this summer. Visit our Garden Center to purchase items like mulch and top soil to help your garden retain its moisture. You can also visit our Gift Shop to ask about our landscaping and lawn care services. Have a question about caring for your garden and plants during the heat? Ask one of our trained employees. We make sure our staff is knowledgeable about the products we stock and the services we offer, so none of your questions go unanswered.

To get started with Evergreen Gene’s, visit us at Glen Burnie location on Crain Highway. Can’t make it out but still have a question? Not to worry, call us to speak to a staff member at 410.766.6877 or click here today.

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