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Spring Training on the Mind: Make Your Lawn Look Like an MLB Outfield

spring training lawn care

Imagine stepping into your yard and feeling like you’re stepping onto the field at Camden Yards.

Major league pitchers and catchers start reporting to spring training in Florida and Arizona this week, so we’ve got our minds set on baseball season. As excited as we are for the season itself and seeing what the Orioles will get themselves up to this year, we have to admit we have a secondary motive for our excitement. While you all are watching O’s center fielder Adam Jones track down fly balls, we’ll have our eyes on the grass beneath his feet. The players on the field may be the greatest baseball players in the world, but MLB grounds crews are some of the brightest all-stars of the landscaping world. Whether you’re a big baseball fan or a big lawn care buff (or both!), you have to admit that having a major league lawn would be pretty nice.

Lawn Care Spring Training

While your favorite baseball players start gearing up for the season, you can get your lawn in the spirit, too. Here are some spring landscaping steps to acquire a lawn good enough for Camden Yards.

  • Grow for broke. The first step in turning your lawn into a major league outfield is to make sure it’s thick, lush, and healthy. Luckily, we wrote about that last week. Remember, we’re going for a major league outfield look, not neglected high school outfield one. A barren and patchy lawn will never look like a ballfield, so get that grass a-growin’.
  • Keep the length. When cutting for the MLB look, it’s actually best to keep your lawn relatively long. This will make it feel more lush and full anyway — think of it more as a manicure than a haircut. The length is important to achieve better results from the next step.
  • The artsy touch. Perhaps one of the most distinguishing factors of a major league outfield is the gorgeous designs in the grass. While many think this is a result of cutting at different lengths or using different species of grass, it’s actually just a result of bending the grass in different directions to reflect light differently. Blades of grass bent away from you will reflect more light and look lighter, whereas blades bent toward you will look darker. Mowing regularly will bend the grass to an extent, but to get that distinct look, you’ll really need to bend them with a lawn roller. You can buy one of these to attach to the back of your mower, or find instructions online (hint, hint) to home-make your own.

With a lot of tender, gentle lawn care, your lawn will be looking major league ready in no time. Spring training is one of the first real signs that spring is coming, so get ready for plenty more spring landscaping blogs in the coming weeks!

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