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Spring Bloom: The Return of the Flowers

Spring bloom

Spring bloom is coming sooner than you know it!

It’s warm out, it’s warm out! You can’t see us, but we’re doing our happy dance in our chair right now. You’ll have to trust us on that. There are so many great things that come with spring, especially for a professional landscaping company such as ourselves. One of those things, and coincidentally the topic of this blog post, is the spring bloom for all the flowers in your garden. Here’s some floral knowledge to get you started with your garden this spring.

Perennials vs. Annuals

Very, very generally speaking, there are two categories of flowers that you can have in your garden. Perennials are flowers, plants, shrubs, what have you, that live for two or more calendar years after planting. Some live through the winter, others die in the fall and bloom in the spring, depending on its hardiness. On the other hand we have annuals, which, as you might be able to tell by the name, will need to be planted — you guessed it — annually. These flowers will only last one growing season and will fade away into the winter as temperatures drop.

Preparing for Planting

We got a little ahead of ourselves writing about this in January, but hey, we like flowers, deal with it. If you’re planting new perennials or refreshing your annuals, make sure you’re going about it correctly for optimum plant health. From getting bulbs started indoors before you can trust the weather to stay consistent, to preparing your soil, to researching what flowers you even want to plant in the first place, spring bloom won’t just happen magically on its own. Arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can handle to give yourself a gorgeous garden this spring.

Spring bloom will be happening before you know it. Make sure your garden is ready to go. If you have any questions about anything surrounding your spring garden, please give us a call!

Preparing for Spring Bloom with Evergreen Gene’s

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