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Simple Fall Gardening Tips


Yard Bags with Leaves from leaf removal a Fall clean up landscaping Service

Learn a few gardening tips going into fall.

Summer is quickly coming to an end which means it is time to say goodbye to your annuals and fruits.  Fall is the time to clean up your garden and make sure it can survive the frigid winter weather.  Gardening in the fall requires a lot of maintenance so that you have a rich, luscious garden in the spring.  Luckily, there are a few simple tips to gardening in the fall.

Know What You Can Grow

Just because the main growing season is coming to an end, doesn’t mean you have to stop planting.  There are several types of plants that thrive in cool weather, as well as, shrubs and trees. Asters and pansies are a few types of cool-season plants that will add some well-needed color to your landscape.  If you want to grow produce, you should look into brassicas, which include cabbage and broccoli. Leafy greens such as kale and lettuces thrive in the fall but make sure to use row covers and mulch to extend the growing season.

Clean Up And Rake

It is common for summer gardens to get a little chaotic by the end of the season.  There are usually some vegetables not have survived or need to be moved inside and the occasional weeds to take care of.  Make sure you are walking around your garden and cleaning up plant debris, as well as, separating overgrown plants. If you want to protect your vegetable garden, you should take raked up and mowed leaves to use as a cover.  The mix of nitrogen and carbon will enhance the fertility in the spring.

Care For The Soil

One of the main tasks you need to complete in the winter is to take care of your soil by adding soil amendments, such as fertilizer and mulch.  You want to add nutrients to the soil that might have gotten depleted during the summer. Chemical fertilizers are effective for supplying nutrients directly to each plant.  Natural options like mulch and compost are perfect making sure you’re soil lasts throughout the winter because they supply nutrients slowly.


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