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Should You Buy or Make Compost?

should you buy or make compost

DIY composting is great, if you have the right conditions.

Composting your leftovers and leaves is an efficient and environmentally friendly way to fertilize your plants and garden. The process is pretty straight forward, but there are a few challenges that could end with you headed to your local garden center for some back up and wondering if the DIY route was worth it. Here we look at a few factors to consider when wondering if you should buy or make compost.


If you need compost immediately you’ll need to go out and buy a few bags since composting takes at least a month, if not more. Timing is an important part of composting. You need to start early enough that your compost will be ready to go when you want to get gardening. Things like cold weather or lack of available scraps can slow down your composting, so give yourself extra time. You can always use store bought compost first and then use your homemade compost for the next round of fertilizing.


How much organic matter do you really have to contribute to your compost pile? If you know your household doesn’t produce a lot of the necessary materials for composting like coffee ground, mulched leaves, vegetable peelings and other biodegradable kitchen scraps, you’ll only be able to produce so much compost.


You can start laying down compost in your garden beds and find out that there just isn’t as much to go around as you thought. The good news is you can always supplement your homemade compost with store bought compost. You should have a good idea of how much you’ll need to buy based on the amount of scraps you’ve put into the composter, and how large of a composter you have.

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