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Save your Vegetable Garden from Storms

With the arrival of summer, most areas will be facing the arrival of storms. With these storms comes periods of heavy rain, some of which the area has been experiencing off and on since last night. This onslaught of rain can take a real toll on the environment, and especially your vegetable gardens. After a heavy storm has left your garden in its wake, you probably think the damage is already done. However, vegetable gardens can be saved after heavy periods of rain.

save your vegetable garden

Here are some steps to help you:

  1. Observe the damage- Walk along your garden and see the damage that has been done. Minimal damage like leaves that have fallen can simply be removed. Use a stake to help plants that are now leaning.
  2. Don’t stand so close- Avoid standing on the saturated soil close to the plants. This could compact the soil and stunt root growth.
  3. Nutrients are needed- Go back over your vegetable garden after a heavy rain to supplement any runoff.
  4. Soil erosion- As you search for damage; also look for roots that are now exposed. Try to cover these quickly so your root doesn’t come dry.
  5. Puddles- See if you can spot any areas in your garden that are holding water in puddles. This means your garden isn’t draining properly, and excess water can damage your veggies. Try to implement new ways of draining your garden if you find puddles.
  6. Containers need emptying- If you have left any containers, like a wheelbarrow or bucket, out near your garden during the rain, make sure to dump any standing water out. Standing water will attract mosquitoes that will damage your vegetables and your skin.
  7. Slugs and snails- Storms leave your soil nice and damp, creating a perfect environment for slugs and snails. Remove any large items that snails and slugs could slime their way under.
  8. Weed patrol- We all love May flowers, but we hate May weeds. Rain tends to help weeds grow, so keep an eye out for them.

At Evergreen Gene’s we will help you salvage your vegetable garden. Visit our garden center to pick up necessary items like top soil and compost to help you save your vegetable garden. If you have any gardening questions, make sure to ask one of our trained employees. Our staff is knowledgeable of all products sold in the garden center to better assist you.

Visit Evergreen Gene’s in Glen Burnie to help care for your vegetable garden today or call us with any of your questions at (410)-766-6877. You can also use our online contact form here.

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