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Roses and Some Rules Of Thumb to Growing Them

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Roses are a fan favorite.

As we mentioned in last week’s blog, knockout roses are a fan favorite. The rose is a classic flower that will never go out of style. For birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries, people flee to their local grocery store to buy a dozen roses. The roses then sit in a person’s house for no more than a week and wither. However, rose bushes can last decades. Gardening comes with trials and errors, but there some fail-proof rules of thumb that can benefit novice and experienced gardeners alike. Here they are.

When to Plant

Typically, you can plant roses at any time of the year. However, they tend not to thrive in frozen or waterlogged weather conditions. Also, this type of flower (and most flowers) doesn’t do well during droughts.

Where to Plant

Roses are very versatile. You can plant them in a variety of positions and locations in your garden. When selecting a location, we suggest that you adhere to the following tips to make sure that your roses thrive:

  • The more direct sunlight, the better
  • Avoid planting a rose bush directly under an overhanging tree branch
  • Spread your roses out from other plants and flowers; you don’t want there to be a competition for sunlight and moisture
  • Avoid planting in areas where there is a lot of wind; strong winds can cause any flower to become lose from their roots

A Guide to Watering Roses

During the spring, you should watch out for dry spells. You can water newly planted flowers every two to three days. For established roses, you can water them once or twice a week or as needed to ensure that the soil around them is moist. During the summer, especially as the air becomes dryer, you should water newer rose plants every other day. With older rose plants, you should water as much as it takes to keep the soil moist around them. You may notice your rose garden wilting in extreme heat, which is why you should take special care. We recommend that you water as close to the base as possible versus the foliage or flowers and use a softer spray versus a jet spray or pressure hose.

Are you interested in seeing how pretty knockout roses are? Then make a trip to our local garden center. We promise you that we can offer you better options than your local grocery store or home improvement retailer. 


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