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Are You Ready for Spring Planting?

Landscape Maintenance Severn

The time to start making your lawn look like this is now!

A well-maintained garden can make any home look beautiful, but the trick to having a beautiful garden is choosing the right plants for spring planting. We’ve put together a handy guide on plant installation and landscape preparations to get you the garden of your dreams.

Know Your Climate!

Certain plants will only thrive in a desert area, while others will only thrive in a rainy climate. To find the best plants for your garden, consider your geographic location, your climate, and how much sun and shade your garden receives throughout the day.


Some gardens should be plotted out in phases, while others can be done all at once. Evergreen Gene’s can help you figure out what the best strategy is for your spring planting preparations. Also, plan for landscape maintenance: gardens are not a one-time deal. They require constant nurture and care to keep the plants alive and healthy. You may want to consider developing a watering and irrigation schedule, or hiring a professional gardener or landscape maintenance company to help keep your garden in good health.

Know Your Local Pests

If you have creepy crawlies constantly munching on your beautiful flowers, you may not have chosen the best flowers for your yard. We can help you identify some natural deterrents as well as figure out if you need to add some fencing or wire mesh.

Timing is Key

Some plants thrive depending on the time of year they’re planted. Evergreen Gene’s can help you build a timetable of when to plant certain plants to help them thrive and grow.

Consider Your Aesthetic

Different homes have different styles, and that’s the beauty of gardens. You can have flowering plants and shrubs or you can have ornamental grasses that grow wild depending on what your home is. Your garden should be an extension of your home’s exterior: plan your landscape so that your garden is a reflection of you and your home.

Get Started With Evergreen Gene’s!

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