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Why Do We Have To Rake Leaves In The Fall?

Have you ever wondered “Why do I even need to rake leaves off the lawn?” If so, here's your answer!

Have you ever wondered “Why do I even need to rake leaves off the lawn?” If so, here’s your answer!

Every fall, kids are asking the same thing when they have to take on the chore of raking leaves, “Why do you even need to rake leaves off the lawn?” It’s a fair question, as leaves seem harmless enough, and many assume that the chore is only done to keep the lawn looking clean. This is not true, however, as raking leaves is a crucial step in keeping your lawn healthy.

Lawn Health

Some of the answers you’ve heard when asking why we rake leaves may include:

  • The lawn has to “breathe.”
  • The lawn will be smothered if a pile of leaves is left on it over the winter.
  • Leaves create a breeding ground for pests and diseases and can cause problems like snow mold and brown patch.
  • Matted down leaves may stop new grass blades from emerging next spring.

These answers about lawn health are all true, but they’re actually only part of the reason why raking lawns is an important chore.

Cool Season Grasses

Most lawns in our region of the Northern U.S. are made up of cool-season grasses. These lawn grasses are named “cool-season” for a simple reason- they are most active when the weather is moderately cool. This, of course, is in the fall.

In the fall, Maryland has plenty of sunshine, nutrients, and water, with a mild temperature that is usually not too hot or too cold. Fall is the perfect time of year for cool-season grasses to revitalize themselves and strengthen their root systems, but they need to be cleared of leaves to do so properly.  If a layer of leaves stands between the grass and the sun, the grass is deprived of an essential nutrient and cannot grow.

Do I Have To Rake Every Single Leaf?

No! If you’re only focusing on lawn health, a few stray leaves will not hurt your lawn. Just be sure to clear enough leaves so that a pile or layer hasn’t formed over one part of your lawn. Those who clear every single leaf are usually more concerned with looks, and want to have a perfectly manicured lawn. Whether you rake your yard for the lawn health or for a nice look, clearing your lawn of leaves is a very important chore for everyone this fall.

Landscape Maintenance With Evergreen Gene’s

However, if you really dread yard work or just don’t have the time this season, hire a professional! Evergreen Gene’s landscape maintenance includes mowing, raking, sodding, and fertilizing the areas of your lawn that require special attention. We’d be happy to rake and bag your leaves for you, and even winterize plants, shrubs, and trees. For more information, contact Evergreen Gene’s by calling 410.766.6877 or clicking here today. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

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