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Protecting Vegetables from Summer Storms

Start an edible garden so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor this spring, summer, and fallResidents throughout Glen Burnie know that with the arrival of summer comes the arrival of storms. Summer storms typically come with gusty winds, heavy rains, and the occasional bout of hail. When these storms arrive, residents run outside to cover and protect any furniture or other yard items that may become damaged by the weather. However, residents typically neglect their vegetables during these storms and simply consider them a lost cause. Instead of allowing your vegetables to fall victim to summer storms, use these tips to help protect and save your vegetables during summer storms.

After a storm has come through Glen Burnie, go outside to assess the damage that was already caused. Remove any leaves that may have fallen during the rain and use stakes to help prop up fallen stems. However, as you observe your garden, be sure to never stand too close to the stems. Stepping on the saturated soil can cause the area to become compact, which can stunt the growth and function of roots. Containers that may be kept around your garden should be dumped and removed after a rainfall to help prevent the attraction of mosquitoes.

Be sure to provide your vegetables with nutrients to make up for anything lost in runoff during a heavy rain. You must also take care to look for signs of soil erosion. This means that any exposed roots must be quickly covered to ensure they continue to function properly. If you find puddles throughout your garden, you are finding signs that moisture is not draining properly from your space. Implement canals that help drain water to protect our vegetables. You should also remove any weeds, slugs, and snails that you may find to help protect your vegetables as well. Weeds will suffocate your vegetables and steal necessary nutrients while snails and slugs will damage the leaves and stems of your plants.

Evergreen Gene’s we will help you salvage your vegetable garden. Visit our garden center to pick up necessary items like top soil and compost to help you save your vegetable garden. If you have any gardening questions, make sure to ask one of our trained employees. Our staff is knowledgeable of all products sold in the garden center to better assist you.

Visit Evergreen Gene’s in Glen Burnie to help care for your vegetable garden today or call us with any of your questions at (410)-766-6877. You can also use our online contact form here.

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