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Preparing your Garden for Fall Weather

It’s hard to believe, but summer is quickly coming to an end. While you still have a few weeks left of your colorful blooms and blossoms, soon it will be time to get them ready for the oncoming cold weather. So when it comes to preparing your garden for the fall, are there best practices that you should be following? Your professional landscaping experts from Evergreen Gene’s have some tips for you.

Not all of your plants will actually die due to a drop in temperature. Some of them- the perennials- actually go in to a period of dormancy until the spring time. During this time, they will not sprout or blossom, but they will technically continue to live, so long as you prepare them properly. Take advantage of the current warm weather to do a little pre-fall gardening. Your professional landscaper can help you with some of these steps to ensure maximum health and protection for your perennial plants.

How do I prep my garden for the cold?

First, examine your plants to see whether any look to be diseased or infested with pests and parasites. Removing diseased growths before fall hits ensures that the plant that grows back in the spring will be a healthy one. This goes for dead leaves as well; remove any foliage that is already past the point of being able to experience a normal growth cycle, leaving only the strong to survive the cold.

Take the end of summer as an opportunity to compost your garden as well. Giving your flowers and grasses a boost of nutrient-rich compost or fertilizer before they go to “sleep” for the fall will prime them to come back better than ever in the spring. Mulching your garden area will also discourage animals, such as groundhogs and chipmunks, from burrowing under the soil and compromising your plants’ root systems.

Are you looking to prep your garden for a couple of chilly upcoming seasons? Call the experts at Evergreen Gene’s today for more information on how to ready your plants for cold weather.

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