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Pre-Season Lawn Preparation Tips

Preparing your lawn for spring needs to begin shortly. The days are finally growing longer and the temperature is rising. But it is important not to neglect your lawn in the first few weeks of spring or you will be paying for it for the rest of the season.Hand planting grass seeds

Preparing your lawn for spring is actually fairly easy and only takes a few simple steps.

Rake your lawn – While many people only rake their lawns in the fall, it is important to rake in the spring as well. Thatch is dead grass blades that are laying on your property. Removing thatch from your property will help your lawn flourish in the spring.

Lime your soil – too much moss makes your lawn too acidic and the pH balance is off. For grass to grow well it prefers a neutral pH balance. Check your lawn’s pH balance and if it is too high, you should probably be liming your soil. If your lawn is doing well and doesn’t show signs of suffering from acidity then it is best to leave well enough alone.

Overseed your lawn – if your lawn has some brown patches, or parts that need more grass it probably needs to be seeded. Overseeding will help promote new grass growth in areas that need it the most.

Fertilize your lawn – adding mulch and compost will also help boost healthy plant growth in your Glen Burnie lawn. But too much fertilizer can cause weed problems, make sure to keep the balance.

Our full list of landscaping tips includes:

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