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Post Thanksgiving Landscaping Tips

Thanksgiving LandscapingThanksgiving has come and gone, leaving you with a void in your life that can only be filled with holiday shopping: lots and lots of holiday shopping. And decorations. We can’t forget about the decorations. Okay, so maybe there is plenty to fill that post-Thanksgiving void, but we have another task to keep you busy: Landscaping.

Post Thanksgiving Landscaping Tips

Cover Planting Beds
Cover bare soil in vegetable and annual planting beds using straw, pine needles, chopped leaves, or some other organic material.

Planting Bulbs

Get any remaining bulbs into the ground ADAP, as long as it isn’t frozen. Click Here to learn more about planting bulbs.

Replenish Mulch

Replenish or replace mulch around trees, shrubs, and planting beds. Make sure mulch is at least 3” to 4” deep for cold weather protection.

Snow Day Tips

Make sure to shovel snow away from planting beds. The worst thing you can do is pile snow on top of your gardens. And when snow accumulates on trees and shrubs, remove it gently to avoid branches breaking and any other unnecessary damage.

One more thing. Avoid using salt. Use sand or kitty litter instead of salt that will runoff and affect planting areas. If you enjoy the melting power of ice, combine 5% salt with other abrasive materials, like sand. This will help minimize potential runoff while still giving you that melting action you love so much.

Storing Chemicals

Avoid storing fertilizers and chemicals in areas where they can freeze, such as a garage or shed. Some materials become ineffective in cold temperatures.

Trust the Professionals
We know you do not have time to waste gardening, mulching, pruning, and landscaping. This is why the landscaping experts at Evergreen Gene’s in Glen Burnie offer professional landscape maintenance services. Our services include mowing, raking, sodding, fertilizing, mulching, pruning, and much more!

Click Here to learn more about the benefits of professional landscape maintenance.

If you are more the do-it-yourself type, Evergreen Gene’s has everything you need. Whatever the season – spring, summer, winter, or fall – you can always find what you need at Evergreen Gene’s. We carry a full array of plants, trees, flowers, perennials, and other landscaping and gardening supplies for all of your residential landscaping projects. When you walk into our store, you will be amazed at the selection we have

Want to learn more about Post-Thanksgiving Landscaping? Visit Evergreen Gene’s at our Glen Burnie location on Crain Highway. Can’t make it out but still have a question? Not to worry; call us at 410.766.6877 or click here today.

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