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The Popularity of Hydrangeas Explained

hydrangeas Evergreen Gene's Inc.

Behold the beauty of blue hydrangeas

Just like the knockout rose, hydrangeas are a fan favorite at Evergreen Gene’s. Hydrangeas have a lot of meaning behind them, history, and significance. Today, we’re going to go over the popularity of the hydrangea. To learn more, read on. 

What is the Origin and History of Hydrangeas?

The hydrangea is believed to have originated in Japan. Japanese legend shows that this flower is synonymous with heartfelt emotion, gratitude, and understanding. Legend has it that a Japanese emperor gave hydrangeas to the family of a girl he loved to show how much he cared about her because he neglected her due to handling business matters. Pink hydrangeas, in particular, are synonymous with genuine emotion. Their shape appears to resemble a beating heart. 

Hydrangea Symbols, Meanings, and Colors

This flower has a wide variety of meanings that stem from different cultural beliefs and stories. From boastfulness to gratitude and heartful emotion, there is a lot to say about this Japanese flower. Because of the Japanese legend mentioned above, some people associate the hydrangea with the notion of being apologetic. Victorians, in particular, associated it with vanity, boastfulness, or bragging. They thought of this flower as a harmful plant. Why? Because hydrangeas are magical because they produce many flowers but only a few seeds. They frowned upon this. 

As far as colors, pink hydrangeas represent heartfelt emotion. Blue hydrangeas symbolize apology and frigidity, whereas people believe that white hydrangeas represent bragging or boastfulness. As far as purple hydrangeas, people claim that they represent the desire to under someone deeply.

So, What’s All the Hubbub About a Hydrangea? 

Regardless if you believe in the symbolism behind hydrangeas, it’s hard to deny that they are beautiful. Native plants are excellent for a landscape, but the reality is that people enjoy adding color to their yards. Homeowners love lovely landscapes that stand out without a doubt. Native plants often don’t offer the color variations that come with exotic plants. Also, flowering plants tend to be a fan favorite because of how visually appealing they are. 

Our local garden center is the place to visit! It’s home to many flowers, plants, and tools that you’ll need to transform your landscape from boring to beautiful. 


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