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Planting Trees in Maryland for Arbor Day

planting trees in maryland arbor day

Trees make the world a better place.

Oh my gosh…another week of celebration?! This is exhausting! Luckily, there’s no such thing as too much celebration when it comes to landscaping. We don’t think there are any more causes for celebration on the horizon, so hopefully we can take a breather next week. (Oh no…Mother’s Day….) Sigh. It’s fine! We’re ready! Bring on the party! We’re energized and ready to roll thanks to the awesome health benefits of nature! This week it’s Arbor Day and we’re ready to plant some trees, prune some trees, and hug some trees. If you’re celebrating this holiday by planting trees in Maryland, here are some tips for choosing the right ones and making sure they’re healthy.

Planting Trees in Maryland

Luckily, Maryland has a pretty great climate for a huge variety of trees. We’re fortunate to live somewhere where we get the best of all worlds with our weather patterns. You want to make sure you choose a native tree that will be happy and healthy growing here, and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources has your back with this list of native Maryland trees. Other things to consider when choosing trees for your yard include:


  • Assessing your space: Remember, depending on the species, your tree is going to grow many times larger than it is when you plant it as a sapling. Make sure you plant it somewhere where it’ll have adequate room to grow without encroaching on your home. This also means thinking about where the roots will grow, and ensuring there aren’t any underground utilities that may interfere with root growth.
  • What do you want from the tree?: When choosing from the species list linked above, do some research and think about whether you want a deciduous or evergreen tree, a fast- or slow-growing one, and what kinds of buds or seeds it might drop. Also think about if you’re choosing the tree for looks, for shade, for wildlife, or for property value, as different species offer different benefits in each category.


Tree Maintenance in Maryland

If you already have your trees planted right where you want ‘em, it’s important to continue giving them occasional love to keep them happy and healthy. That means trimming them back every so often, eliminating dead or decaying branches, and keeping an eye out for rotting or diseases. They should also have access to plenty of sunlight and water, just like all plants in your yard. Of course, if you want any help with the active part of tree ownership, we’re happy to help. Check out our landscaping design and maintenance pages for more information.


Celebrating Arbor Day by Planting Trees in Maryland with Evergreen Gene’s

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