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Planning Your Landscape Spring Cleaning

Landscape Spring CleaningWhile you may be focused on the inside of your home as the focal point of your spring-cleaning list, don’t neglect planning your landscape spring cleaning needs as well.

The winter months have a way of making us how incredible our landscape can look like in the spring and summer, so it’s easy to see why some people wait to the last minute to prepare their landscape for the warmer months.

Old man winter had his fun, but now its time to focus on providing a picturesque landscape for barbeques and parties.

Removing Waste from Your Landscape

One of the first tasks on your landscape spring-cleaning list should be the removal of waste accumulated from the last several months.

I understand how cold it can get, and maybe you didn’t keep up with cleaning  your dog’s waste as often as you normally do. Unfortunately, the waste from the furry member in your family isn’t known for spontaneous combustion. If your dog took a number two in January, it’s still waiting for you in March.

Not only will you have to worry about your own pet’s mess, but also other animals are easily attracted to your yard when they smell the waste from your pet. Taking care of animal droppings now will help prevent an excess build up before the spring.

For whatever reason, the winter months seem to encourage individuals to treat your landscape as their own personal trash can. You may find a few empty cans or cigarette packages smashed against your curb, and even though finding these items is annoying, you have to be the one to throw them away.

Once all the waste is removed, you can place a nice little check mark on your list for your landscape spring cleaning.

Prevention and Removal

Spring is known as a time for renewal, but that is also a negative aspect when it comes to spring cleaning your landscape. Weeds can quickly make an appearance, and before dandelions overrun your lawn, you will want to thoroughly remove all the pesky nuisances that want to call your landscape home.

As cute as deers and rabbits are, they are ruthless when it comes to your garden and edible plants. Setting up a fence or buying plants that are resistant to critters munching on them will save you the headache of planting something new that becomes quickly destroyed.

Landscape Spring Cleaning

From weed and pest control, to preparing flowerbeds and lawn care, there are a ton of projects that need to be completed to make your landscape picturesque for the summer.

Your house is not only a financial investment, but it’s an investment in a happy life. The professionals of Evergreen Gene’s understand this, and we want to help you maintain and bring out the full beauty of your home.

Evergreen Gene’s not only offers planting, but grading, sodding, seeding, tree trimming and leaf removal as well. With over 50 years of landscaping services, our clients have access to our expert knowledge and years of experience.

Call us today at 410-766-6877, or send us a message to being your landscape spring cleaning.

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