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Picking the Perfect Christmas Tree: Here’s How

A beautiful Christmas tree really brings a home together

Oh, Christmas tree. Oh, Christmas tree. How lovely are your branches! There’s a reason why this holiday carol is a staple. Christmas trees are beautiful to behold. Picking the perfect Christmas tree is a tradition because it brings a home to life. From being a place to house gifts to displaying decorative ornaments, it’s a focal point that encompasses the holiday spirit. Because we’re an expert landscaping company, we firmly believe in homeowners having the best, most lush, and vibrant plant life in their homes. Here we present a few useful tips for picking the perfect Christmas tree. 

Check for Freshness

To check if a tree is fresh, take a branch in your hand and gently pull along it. You know that there’s freshness if hardly any of its needles fall off. Otherwise, this isn’t the perfect Christmas tree. 

What you can also do to check for freshness is tap the base of the tree on the ground. If only a few needles fall, then the tree is good to take home. If a lot of the needles fall, then this tree isn’t worth the Christmas carols.

Assess the Bendability of the Needles

The needles should not be pliable. Needles on a fresh tree will break in half in your hand. If not, then you know to keep looking.

Do You Notice Spots?

Brown spots or a less than pleasant smell is an indicator that a tree is not fresh. Brown spots or an unpleasant smell mean that there is a chance that the tree could be sick or arborist cut it a while ago. You should indeed move on to another selection if you notice these signs.

Measurements Matter!

Before picking out a tree, you should know the measurements of the area where you will place the tree. It isn’t very pleasant to bring home a tree to find that it’s too big for your ceiling. It’s also an annoyance to have a tree that’s too little. Gifts do go underneath Christmas trees, and you don’t want the space to look too empty or void. Most importantly, shelling out more money is something you shouldn’t have to do. 

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