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Perennials Will Help Your Landscape Prosper!

Perennials and Landscaping Evergreen Gene's

Perennials have many advantages

Typically, there are two basic types of plants. Annuals and perennials are the traditionally mentioned types of plants out there. It is useful to understand the difference between the two when it comes to planting a garden and choosing the best types of plants for your home. The reality is, when it comes to plants, annuals are those that go through their entire lifecycle from germination through maturity and crop production as well. Annuals will do all of this in a single year. However, perennials are those types of plants that live for several years. As a result, they grow and die and crop up again, all for a single year. So how can perennials ultimately help your landscape prosper? Here are some key advantages associated with perennials.

The Soil Structure

Since these plants traditionally remain in the soil and thus grow over many years, the root systems of many perennials are typically used to ultimately improve the soil’s actual structure. As perennials continue to grow, they subsequently create these channels that water will typically percolate and pore spaces designed for aeration. As a result, all of this ultimately benefits all the plants in the area. 

Proper Nutrients

When it comes to deep root systems, understanding how they work and how they benefit the soil can be beneficial. There is no doubt that perennials are uniquely able to access nutrients that might be out of reach for other types of plants — like annuals. Perennials tend to provide more nutrients to the soil and ground itself by bringing all these nutrients deep within the root system. 

Necessary Water

Ample water is needed for all plants — or at least most. Perennials have the unique ability to draw moisture up. The moisture ultimately becomes readily available in the upper levels of the soil itself. Therefore, the soil can genuinely be prevented from ever really becoming susceptible to any erosion caused due to the wind. 

Bottom Line

It’s undeniable that perennials are a great addition to any landscape. Perennials come with a myriad of useful perks for your entire lawn. 


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