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Pansies Can Have a Positive Impact on Your Health!

Pansies Evergreen Gene's, Inc.

Pansies have many surprising health benefits and they can bring your garden to life!

Did you know that pansies can have a positive impact on your health? We offer plants and flowers that can bring your garden to life and make it visually appealing. But some of these plants have health benefits as well, such as stress relief. Here are a few of the many health benefits that pansies have to offer. 

Dandruff Treatment

It isn’t a surprise that many botanical-based shampoos have this cheerful little flower in its ingredient list. It has many nourishing minerals and vitamins in it that support hair health. What you can do is brew pansy tea and use it on your scalp whenever you wash your hair. 

Sore Throat Treatment

Quite frankly, no one wants a sore throat in 2020. There are many natural treatments for sore throat, including crushing dry pansies into boiling water in a tea or tincture. A tincture involves extracting plant material and dissolving it in ethanol so that you can have herbal medicine. You can use pansies as a natural form of relief for any respiratory issues. 

Pansies Can Help Mild Cases of Hives

If you ever have a mild case of hives, you can apply pansies to the skin as a poultice or paste. Because hives often produce uncomfortable swelling, you can use a pansy paste or compress to combat this.

Arthritis Relief

This beautiful flower contains anti-inflammatory salicylates. Consider drinking pansy tea as a part of your routine if you want to reduce inflammation. Less inflammation helps to reduce joint pain.

What Rich Nutrients Can You Find in Pansies?

Why exactly does this gorgeous flower have so many healing properties? Some of the nutrients you can find in a pansy includes vitamin C, saponins (helps to lower cholesterol), and carotenoids (used to fight certain cancers, eye disease, and heart disease). Pansies are completely edible, so long as they are organic. They have so many uses that you can use them in desserts and salads. Edible flowers are beneficial because not only are they beautiful, but they’re flavorful, fragrant and can positively impact your health. Before using this flower as a health supplement, make sure to talk to your doctor.

Are you interested in seeing our array of flowers? Contact our local garden center today! It’s not too late to have a gorgeous fall garden.


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