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Ornamental Grasses: How they Benefit a Garden

Ornamental Grasses: How they Benefit a Garden

Did you know that ornamental grasses can benefit your garden?

Did you know that ornamental grasses can benefit your garden? When you think about gardens, flowers are probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, we recommend that you not overlook the significance of ornamental grasses. If you want to add color, texture, and beauty to your landscape, this is one way to go about it. Ornamental grasses can serve as border plants, hedges, ground covers, and much more. Allow us to go into more detail. 


When grass comes to mind, you usually think of its green coloring. However, ornamental grasses aren’t just green. They can come in unique shades of purple, red, and blue. They also range in size, form, and type and add a lot of diversity and depth to a garden. Low mounding fescue and tall plants such as reed grass are some of the options that you have. 

Look Forward to All-Year-Round Beauty

Although a well-maintained and well-designed landscape has environmental benefits, most people think about the aesthetic benefits first. Ornamental grass adds color to a garden, often before perennials bloom. This plant life thrives in the spring, summer, and fall, but there are even ornamental grasses that thrive during the winter. Flowering varieties exist as well!

Ornamental Grasses Are Excellent if You Want a Low-Maintenance Landscape

After you cut back some foliage and divide ornamental grass into smaller clumps, you’ll begin to enjoy this low-maintenance option. Once ornamental grass becomes established, you don’t have to do much work. These grasses are disease and pest-resistant, as well as hardy. Also, because many varieties are perennials, you can look forward to them coming back every year! 

Save Money and The Environment!!!

Ornamental grasses come in native varieties. What this means is that they are drought-tolerant, and you don’t have to water them regularly. Another benefit is that native ornamental grass is pest and disease resistant, which means that you don’t have to worry about shelling out additional money on fertilizer. They’ll stay healthy on their own! 

A final benefit of adding ornamental grass to your garden is that it’s excellent for the eco-system. Small mammals and insects will have shelter and protection. These grasses also grow well on inclined landscapes. Just like a retaining wall, ornamental grass can help aid in soil erosion. If you’re considering this beneficial option for your garden, reach out to Evergreen Gene’s today! 


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