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Do You Need a Retaining Wall?

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Retaining walls are not only an aesthetically pleasing hardscape, but they also solve many landscaping issues.

While the aesthetic benefit of a retaining wall is apparent in the elegant appeal that it adds to hardscapes, it is also a very functional addition. Retaining walls of various shapes and sizes help manage water runoff from rain. They will slow the flow of water and control downhill erosion on your property. It’s a beautiful way to solve some of your landscaping issues.     


Hills can sometimes cause foundation problems for your home, especially if the slope has caused the foundation to be unlevel in certain areas. Retaining walls help to level out the land, which allows you to use more of your property and help prevent damage to your home from rainwater that isn’t drained properly.  


Erosion happens when the flow of water, usually from rain, continually moves in one direction and eventually wears away at the soil. This isn’t just an eyesore, but it can also cause extensive damage to your home and property. A retaining wall will help keep the soil in place, by allowing the water to flow more evenly over the area.   


Retaining walls are aesthetically pleasing and functional for your landscape, but they also have a great purpose for your family, friends, and other guests. When you live on a property that has a slope, you often find it difficult to entertain and relax outdoor, as chairs and tables always seem to lean in one direction or the other. Retaining walls also provide seating options and give you a level area of your yard to place chairs and tables. This hardscaping element will turn into a focal point, meeting area, and conversation starter for many of your home gatherings.


In heavy rains and storms, retaining walls help prevent flooding on your property. Professionals will assess the slope of your landscape and, according to the susceptibility of the land and any concerns you have from previous storms, design and install retaining walls to deter and redirect the heavy flows of water.  


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