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Native Gardens and How They’re Beneficial

Black Eyed-Susan used in native gardens

The Black-Eyed Susan is an example of what Marylanders could plant in their native gardens

Native gardens or natural or native landscaping refers to growing plants and flowers that adapt to the local climate or soil conditions where they naturally occur. For example, some Maryland native plants and flowers include the Cardinal Flower, the Red Maple, and Black-eyed Susans. While having exotic or foreign plants can help your yard stand out, there are a lot of benefits to native plants and flowers, and we’ll explain them. Here is why native gardens are beneficial. 

Native Gardens Use Less Water

Native gardens produce their shade and mulch, aiding in moisture retention in the soil. Sustainable gardens also benefit from drip irrigation, which is an efficient and cost-effective watering method. Native landscaping, despite popular belief, is low-maintenance and expensive. The less water that you have to use, the lower your water bill. Not only will you be able to look forward to your native garden thriving, but you can look forward to putting some money back in your pocket. 

Native Landscaping Doesn’t Require Too Much Work

Tending to plants and flowers that have not adapted to a particular region takes a lot of work. When you have to account for various needs, you can spend a lot of time making sure that your garden is fruitful and healthy. Because native plants are well-suited for their environment, you can spend less time in labor tending to them. 

Native Gardens Provide a Habitat For Endangered Species 

If you want to provide a habitat for biodiverse wildlife such as pollinators, then native landscaping is something you should consider. A native garden is not only a blooming, vibrant color palette with a pleasing aroma. It gives a home to insects, some of which may be endangered. Why does this matter? Without pollinators, much of the food that we enjoy so much would cease to exist.

Native Gardens are Therapeutic

Any form of landscaping is therapeutic and has fantastic health benefits for people. However, in the case of natural landscaping, being amid a biodiverse ecosystem is even more beneficial. Particular native plants have healing properties that can treat chronic diseases, and a lot of people use them in their teas and food. 

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