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Miniature Gardens: Not just for Fairies

Miniature-GardensMiniature gardens have been around for centuries.  The art of pun-tsai began in China around 700 AD.  Learning of miniature gardening through trade with China the Japanese began to create bonsai for the elite.  The Japanese translation of bonsai means “planted in a container”.  Bonsai are not genetically modified to stay small.  They are kept miniature through wiring and careful pruning.  Today we have many varieties of genetically small plants that will look wonderful in your miniature garden with minimal work, as well as other varieties that take a little bit of care.  Through time many different civilizations and cultures grew and maintained small gardens for a variety of reasons like physical space and aesthetic beauty.

Recently there has been a resurgence of interest in miniature gardens.  Most of the hype seems to revolve around fairies, but there are all types of miniature landscapes.  Miniature gardens can range from bonsai, terrariums, air plants, railroad gardening, and many other creative ways to display miniature plants and accessories.

So the misconception that miniature “fairy” gardens are new, or just for girls, is unfounded.  There is a sense of satisfaction and Zen when working with a miniature garden.  Whether that is pruning a bonsai, or simply arranging miniature furniture in your garden, there is no denying the satisfaction of creating a personalized miniature world.

We carry just about everything a miniature gardener could want here at Evergreen Gene’s in Glen Burnie, MD.  We have a wide variety of miniature plants to landscape your creation, as well as tiny furniture and accessories.  We also carry a variety of scenes, seasons, and holidays.  Love Halloween?  We have plenty of accessories to turn your miniature garden into a frightfully delightful creation.

Miniature gardening is a thousand plus year tradition that has captivated many civilizations throughout time.   Stop the garden center today to check out our selection and start your masterpiece!

Evergreen Gene’s has been keeping Glen Burnie residents green for over 50 years. We make sure our employees are educated so they will feel comfortable answering any and all of your gardening and landscaping questions. You can view our portfolio here to see some of our best residential work. Stop in during our business hours of Monday-Saturday from 8:00a.m. till 6:00p.m. and Sunday from 8:00a.m. till 4:00p.m. Give us a call at 410-766-6877 to confirm our stock of flowers or to ask questions. You can also fill out our online form here for more information.

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